A downloadable game for Windows

A spiritual experience based on the Tool song, Lateralus. You ride and control a waverunner on the ocean, which starts with an abstract experience and then allows you to ride a waverunner and control it as you would in real life. 

(Steer by placing hands near the handles of waverunner and alternatingly moving arms back and forth, accelerate/decelerate by rotating your right wrist)

Install instructions

Need to use Windows Mixed Reality and hold the controllers sideways as you would a motorcyle/waverunner throttle to allow free wrist rotation.


Ride The Wave VR.zip 37 MB


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If you would like to try this experience, please send me an email at Hypothic@gmail.com so I can explain how to play this. I have tested on WMR, but should also work with HTC Vive. You need to hold the controllers sideways, not the way you would traditionally hold the controller, imagine the controller is the handlebars of the waverunner. Please refer to the picture uploaded.